Software Engineer (UI)

Job description

The Software Engineer works with other team members across the Software and Analytics Group to support software engineering tasks across a variety of internal projects. The Software Engineer designs reliable and extendable software models for both high data rate processing, front-end UIs, and networked interfaces. The Software Engineer position also implements and tests these models within the product software projects to ensure correct operation. The Software Engineer assists with software development operations in order to increase the efficiency of the Software and Analytics group.


  • Designs, implements, tests and documents object-oriented software models for data processing and front-end related development
  • Monitor and improve software quality across multiple projects through quality assurance and testing implementations.
  • Self-identifies, troubleshoots and resolves issues found within product software
  • Implements new UI and/or processing features within product software using feedback from customers
  • Improves software development and deployment operations for multiple products to ensure high quality products upon delivery to customers
  • Assists with data analysis and algorithm development and software model implementation
  • Assists with reporting and documentation of software design and documenting software APIs and ICDs
  • Improves data processing models for increased performance in real-time data analysis environments
  • Interfaces with external groups to develop well defined and extendable data interfaces in an integrated system
  • Assists with proposal writing opportunities and customer reporting with appropriate presentation materials
  • Represents the company professionally, follows all company policies and works as an actively engaged member of the Software and Analytics group

Job requirements

The successful candidate will have most or all of these essential skills or abilities: 

  • 0-3 years of relevant industry experience, or new college graduates with exceptional project experience.
  • Proven ability to independently learn new technologies in order to find solutions to complex problems.
  • Strong background in object-oriented programming in .NET / C# or C++.
  • Experience in integrating new software features from user requests.
  • Experience with Git or similar version control system.

Desirable Skills & Abilities: 

  • Bachelor of Science degree in computer science or related field.
  • Experience with User Interface (UI) design and development in desktop environments, with emphasis on WPF applications.
  • Experience with programming in languages other than .NET / C#
  • Software testing experience including usage of CI/CD pipelines. 
  • Experience with cross-platform development.
  • Experience with high-performance data processing, scientific data visualization and advanced software optimization.

S2 Corporation’s General Employee Requirements:

  • The position includes working on U. S. Government funded projects that involve the handling of controlled unclassified information, requiring the successful candidate to have U. S. Citizenship.
  • This position may include working on defense department funded projects with security restrictions, which may require a security clearance. The successful candidate must be willing and able to apply for a security clearance.
  • The successful candidate will have to pass a preemployment drug test and background check.
  • Be able to perform physical tasks around the lab and office spaces such as sitting and standing, each for at least an hour multiple times throughout a day, and occasional lifting of items up to 50lbs.
  • Attend required organizational meetings in person or through videoconferencing.
  • Clear communication of your efforts so that others can reproduce your efforts as needed. 
  • Efficiently use word processing, spreadsheet, time reporting, procurement and other software. 
  • Ability to describe technical progress in project deliverable reports.
  • Ability to assist in writing funding proposals. 
  • Ability to interpret general guidelines and work alone for extended periods to efficiently move projects forward.
  • Ability, willingness, and availability to travel to field test events up to several times a year, which may include driving company vehicles and working extended hours outside for several days.
  • Ability to function as part of a team, that is highly collaborative, cross-functional and multi-disciplinary on multiple projects.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with ability to communicate clearly with coworkers, through in-person conversations, email, and on line in organizational software, such as Microsoft Teams. 
  • Ability to independently learn and apply new approaches and technologies in order to find solutions to complex problems.